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whenever i wanna cry i think about Van Gogh he was such a nice and lonely dude all he wanted was for people to love him he ate yellow paint because he thought it would get the happiness inside him oh god oh god that’s so sad i can’t breathe 

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Kit Kat Cream Cheese Brownies

Really nice recipes. Every hour.

i made these last night and let me tell you friends, there is something so very beautiful about sitting up in bed at midnight, drunk-skyping people and eating kit kat brownies, i felt truly, truly alive

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“I slept on the streets. I lived in the alleyways of Gotham.

“Until Bruce took me in.” —Jason Todd, Teen Titans: Life and Death

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So I’m on swing shift now and it’s fucking me up, my sleep is fucked up my body is fucked up, like when do I eat??? I just don’t know, because swings has fucked me up.

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"Hufflepuffs are known to have good friends in Slytherin. Hufflepuffs are some of the few who won’t judge based on negative rumours. This means they’re the most likely to approach Slytherins and help them when in need. This makes amazingly loyal friends between the houses. Mess with a Hufflepuff, and you’ll likely find a Slytherin getting revenge for the more forgiving house."


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